Communications & Electricity

Communications & Electricity


Causes of Accident

Mountain accident statistics outline that a big percentage of accidents occurring in the mountains involve less experienced hikers ,sometimes solely because they were not informed about the difficulties of the chosen trail, lack of preparation for sudden changes in the weather and climatic conditions, or because they under estimate the effects of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

The modern telecommunications age has arrived in Nepal with a vengeance. There are countless telephone, fax and email bureaus providing almost cost price access to international communications all over Kathmandu, and to a lesser extent in other major towns. These offer telephone and fax services at a fraction of the costs charged by hotels, and similarly cheap email/internet services. The use of internet has revolutionized the way the international traveling community keeps in touch.

For those who still wish to avail themselves of more conventional postal services, the General post office (GPO) in Kathmandu is at Sundhara, open 10:00-17:00 Sun- Fri. There are poste restante facilities available. If you are staying in Thamel, it will save you a long trip to the GPO to use one of the many posting services offered by places such as Pilgrims Bookshop and most hotels. For a modest fee they will take your letters and cards there and see them franked. Always use airmail; surface mail – via India – is unreliable.


Nepal’s electricity supply, theoretically 220V/50Hz, fluctuates widely. Power cuts are frequent, though most major hotels in cities will have generators. Note that a voltage stabilizer is essential if you’re using sensitive equipment like a laptop computer or television.


Duracell and other such alkaline and lithium batteries for cameras, Walkman, etc are widely available in Kathmandu and Pokhara, but most are copies made in the far east and do not perform any better than the cheaper Indian equivalents. It is strongly recommended that you bring sufficient for your needs with you from home. Also note that such cells contain highly toxic chemicals and should not under any circumstances be thrown away in the hills. Take used batteries home with you and dispose of them there.

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