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Langtang Region

Langtang region treks in Nepal is one of the most preferred treks. From scenic sublime vistas to challenging obstacles, the treks around the region has everything to make your trip an adventurous one. Rested to the north of Kathmandu, this exotic trekking region takes you along off the beaten paths and riversides exploring exquisite landscapes, wild grasslands and stunning mountain views. The Langtang valley is also known as the first Himalayan national park, and it is spread across 1,710 sq. Km. The word Langtang comes from ‘Lang’ which means yak, the animal, and ‘Tang’ which means follow. The area is certainly known for the Yak pastures and the traditional lifestyle of the locals.

One of the priceless gems in the Himalayan regions, the Langtang valley is not one to miss if you’re planning to trek in Kathmandu. The vast lands of vegetation, the bamboo and rhododendron forests and elegant waterfalls under snow-capped peaks are all you can wish for on a trek in the wilderness. Meet and learn about the Tamang and Sherpa settlement in the villages near the prominent Dorje Lakpa, the Langtang Ri and other peaks. The Langtang Valley Trek Tour is certainly one of the best tours in Nepal.



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(09 Nights / 10 Days)

Helambu Valley Trek

Difficulty :
Helambu is located in Langtang region about 80kms far from the capital city Kathmandu. This village is famous for the sweet apples and a mixture...

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