Things to do in Kathmandu

Things to do in Kathmandu

things to do in nepalWINING & DINING

It is a serious sport in Kathmandu. There are more than a thousand pubs and restaurants in the capital – from cultural evenings at the star hotels to simple trekkers’ joints. At Kathmandu’s restaurants, one gets infinite choices – from traditional Nepali food to Italian delicacies, Russian delights and spicy Indian specialties.


After a day of touring the valley’s cities, there are plenty of ways to relax and entertain yourself in the evening – upbeat music, exciting dances, tasty food, choicest drinks, good cinema halls and casinos.


For a small town, Kathmandu has quite a number of casinos, all providing non-stop fun and games. Besides gaming, there is regular entertainment in the form of concerts and dance performances.


Nepal is a shopping destination for designer products such as Christian Dior, Gucci, Yves Laurent, Chanel, Nike, Givanchy, you name it. And thanks to lower overhead costs, Nepal’s departmental stores and malls offer them at unbeatable bargain prices.


things to do in kathmanduAs for Nepal’s handicrafts, they need no introduction. They have been coveted items since ancient times for their fine craftsmanship and supreme quality. The shops at Thamel, Kathmandu Durbar Square and Durbar Marg sell hand-knotted woolen carpets, jewelry, pashmina shawls, woolen knitwares, embroidery, thanka paintings, wood carvings, metal works, ceramics and pottery, rice paper and stationery.


Kathmandu offers two golf courses ranging from 9 to 18 holes and have been developed by world-class developers


It’s an hour-long flight usually in the morning to see the Himalayan peaks, several of them above eight thousand meters, including Mount Everest, the world’s tallest at 8,848 m. It is something not to be missed.

Here’s a brief view of the average temperatures and rainfall during peak summer and winter in three most popular tourist areas, Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pokhara respectively:

Place Summer (May, June, July) Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb)
Max (°C) Min (°C) Rain (mm) Max (°C) Min (°C) Rain (mm)
Kathmandu 28.1 19.5 312 19.3 3.0 15.4
Pokhara 29.7 21.3 829.7 20.3 7.7 26.3
Chitwan 33.0 25.3 404.0 24.1 8.3 13.8

Everest Base Camp
15 Days
$ 1399/INR 69999/-PP

ABC Trek
11 Days
$ 1399/INR 69999/-PP

Central Tibet Tour
8 Days
$ 999/INR 49000/-PP

Namsto & EBC
8 Days
$ 1499/INR 99999/-PP

Kailash Yatra
10 Days
$ 2999/INR 165000/-PP

8 Days Ex.Lucknow
8 Days
$ 2499/INR 149000/-PP

Best of Bhutan
8 Days
$ 1799 / INR24555/-PP

Part Druk Path Trek
8 Days
$ 1999/INR 59999/-PP

Golden Triangle
7 Days
$ 499/INR 13999/-PP

Sikkim & Darjeeling
7 Days
$ 1199/INR 29999/-PP

Amazing Thailand
6 Days
$ 399/INR 11999/-PP

Best of Bali
5 Days
$ 299/INR 9999/-PP