National Democracy Day and Tribhuvan Jayanti

National Democracy Day and Tribhuvan Jayanti

This day commemorates the advent of Democracy in Nepal and the fall of the autocratic family regime of the Ranas, which had been in power for one hundred and four years, on the seventh of Falgoon, 2007 ( February 18, 1951). This day is recognized as the most significant event in the political annals of modern Nepal. The late King Tribhuvan (1906-1955 A.D.) and the people of Nepal had made a co-operated bid to overthrow the Nara regime and make the Nepal a modern and developed state of the 20th century. Hence this day is marked by a sence of great jubilation displayed in rallies, processions, pageantry and vignettes of development and illumination at night. The nation also pays tributes of king Tribhuvan, Father of the nation, in gratitude of his services to the country. This is one of the few secular festivals of Nepal, but , nonetheless of the greatest significance.

This is celebrated all over the country to observe the 1951 AD’s Democracy when the Nepalese people, led by the Late King Tribhuvan, overthrew the autocratic Rana regime. All government offices remain closed on this day and parades, processions and other celebrations take place throughout the country.

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