Mahendranager is a Terai town situated at Nepal’s western extremity. It is the last stop on the 922 km long East West Highway (Mahendra Highway) that runs along the southern flatlands to span the length of the country. Mahendranager is 695 km form Kathmandu. It is the staging point for tours to the Sukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve. Mahakali river and Tanakpur Barrage are popular side trips.

Mahendranagar is an unhappening town and the main reason to come here is that it is a border town next to India. The surrounding area is inhabited by Tharu people.

Orientation and Information The bus station is on the main highway, northwest of the center of town, which is a ten-minute walk away. The main area of town is King Mahendra Square. Mahendranagar is 5km east of the border to India, which is marked by the Mahakali River. You can walk across the border at any time during the day. There is a barrier on the Indian side and it is only open (and vehicle can go through) from 7 to 8 am, noon to 2 pm and 4 to 6 pm.Rastriya Banijya Bank, across from the Hotel Alpine, changes US dollars and Indian rupees, but may not change any other currencies (Sunday to Thursday, 10 am to 2 pm, Friday 10 am to noon). Indian rupees are accepted in town.Jeeps to Sukla Phanta or Bardia can be arranged at any of the guest houses for around Rs 1400 per day, plus fuel.

Where to Stay and Eat Green Lodge (21950), off the main street near the New Anand, has really basic rooms with bath for Rs 175. Hotel New Anand (21693), on the main street, is a friendly place with has a range of rooms with bath and hot water in a bucket starting at Rs 300. Higher prices rooms have hot water, TV and air-cooling .It is the best budget place. Hotel Alpine (21165) is a decent budget place. Royal Guest House (21906), on the main east–west road, is a friendly budget place. The front rooms are a good-size and have nice balconies. Hotel Sweet Dream (22313), about a five-minute walk east of the bus station, has large rooms with bath for Rs 450. All rooms have either A/C or air-cooling. It has a restaurant. It is the best hotel in town. The road can be noisy, so it is best to get a room in the back.

Travel The road from Mahendranagar to Nepalganj is in terrible shape, especially up to Ataria (42km east). Often you have to drive through creeks and this trip can only be done during dry weather. There is a daily bus to Kathmandu (19 hr, Rs 400) at 1 pm and from Kathmandu the bus departs to Mahendranagar at noon. There are also buses to Nepalganj and Dhangadhi. As the bus to Kathmandu is quite long you may want to stop on the way at Bardia National Park, Sukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve or in Lumbini.

To/From India Bus depart from Mahendranagar to the border (5km west) almost every half hour. It is a 1km rickshaw ride or walk between the Nepal and Indian borders. From the border it is 3km to the Indian border town of Banbassa. Buses depart to Barely (2½ hr), where the nearest railway station that is on a broad-gauge line. Narrow-gauge trains that depart from Banbassa are slow, and buses are usually faster and easier to arrange. There are buses to Delhi (11 hr, Rs 100 Indian) and to Almora (6 hr), Haridwar (9 hr) and Nainital (7 hr). The accommodation in Banbassa is not very good, so you most likely will want to leave as soon as you get there, and will want to start your journey from Mahendranagar as early as possible. If you know of information that is not listed here, or if you would like to help update our listings, please e-mail us at:

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