Kopan Monastery

Kopan Monastery

Kopan Monastery is situated in the serene Kopan village north of Bouddhanath. The monastery was built in 1972 to train Sherpa monks from Lawundo Monastery in the Everest area of Khumbu.

Kopan Monastery is famous for educational and meditation retreat programs it offers. Since it belongs to Gelukpa sect, its programs emphasize the traditional system of Buddhist education about Prajnaparamita, Adhidharma, Vinaya and Madhyamika. The Lam Rim Tibetan monks train novices. Students are initiated in Tantra classes. Kopan Monastery also offers Geshe study programs equivalent to a doctorate degree.

Kopan Monastery offers courses based on Lam Rim (the Graded path to Enlightenment). Famous monks such as Kyabje sing Rinpoche of Ganden, Tsenshab Serkong Rinpoche Geshe Sopa, Lubum Rinpoche Geshe Sopa, Lubum Rinpoche Gomchen Jamalpa and Geshe Losang Jampa have given initiations as the monastery on important Buddhist topics of Vajrasattva Vajrayogini, Rinjun Gyatsa, Yamantaka Guru devotion, Jorcho, Bodhicitta teachings and Geshul vows.

The monastery also offers Vajrasattva retreat programs and rituals to purify negative actions. It also hosted the commemoration of ten great deeds of Shakyamuni Nyuugne. Several worships are organized in Kopan Monastery to overcome worldly and inner obstacles.

Similarly, worship is performed for the dying the deceased the sick and for the fulfillment of one’s wishes. The monastery has a worldwide network and has a highly revered group of scholastic Lamas. Kopan is related to Khachoe Ghakyil Nunnery. It started in 1982 when Lama Yeshe invited nuns to start study with the monks at Kopan. A nunnery was founded in 1986 under Lama Zopa. Currently, there are 290 unns in the nunnery that emphasizes on classical Buddhist education. They are instructed in Tibetan debate, ritual music, art, and other Buddhist practices. The entire goal of the nunnery is to train them as the Dharma teachers.

A center of Mahayana Buddhism was established in 1969 by two Lamas; Lama Thupten Zopa Rinpoche and Lama Thupten Yeshe. Since its inception the center has been responsible for introducing thousands to Buddha’s teaching through meditation courses, lectures and retreats.

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