Charya (Vajracharya) Dance

Charya (Vajracharya) Dance

A Sanskrit term meaning dance as a spiritual discipline is a Tantric Buddhist dance from. This ancient classical art is one of the religious disciplines of the Vajracharyas of Nepal have performed the dance secretly as part of their meditation, rituals and celebrations for over a thousand years. Each Charya Nritya features a different Tantric deity of Vajrayana Buddhism and the dancer himself becomes an embodiment of the particular deity. Thus Charya Nritya is a meditation discipline a vehicle of bodily and spiritual transformation and a sacred opportunity for an audience to experience a vision of divine beauty.

Of many such cultural gifts one is ‘Charya Dance’ performed in meditation discipline by the Buddhist Newari Priests, ‘Bajracharyas’ of ancient times, within the court yards, bahals and bahis, from thousands of years, secretly. Some new generation bodies have understood their values and have determined themselves to take care of those dances to preserve it from extinction. Charya dance is practiced in different forms of deity, whereby the dancers become the embodiment of that particular deity.
Very rarely, these dances are openly presented to the viewers of today and even in the past it used to be practiced secretly by the priests, never wanting general people to learn it and be benefited by so. The dedicated dancers of Naasa Cultural Academy performed one of such event, at Baber Mahal Revisited’s courtyard for the tourists and locals where they enjoyed Charya dance. The night was witnessed by hundreds of foreign tourists, expatriates and locals.

Charya dance is just one amongst hundreds. We perform all ethnic dances. Government has not been very helpful towards us though we are working for such high intentions of national interest,”During the event, five different dances were performed namely Bhairab Kali Dance, Pancha Buddha Dance, Kumari Dance, Manjushree Dance and Arya Tara Dance. The dances were performed in traditional costumes with extreme makeup on their faces with colors that gave certainly the out of the world experience to their viewers.

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