sportsNepal is developing in sports. There are so many indoor & outdoor sports complex are in Kathmandu with all facilities and international standard. Hotels in Nepal have also good environment for indoor sports such as swimming, tennis etc. the major attraction of sport in Nepal are Elephant polo and Golf. These sports are bringing forward as a international destination for professional and amateurs.


Billiard is the greatest mind stimulation scission. To practice self-strength and get immediate satisfaction by scoring your own calculation & style which can leave behind the stress of a jet-setting life style. And be ready to take all over again.


Only bowling alley with the most entertaining light and music system. It is an inexpensive Activity that allows people of all age and abilities to play together. No surprising since bowling is the fun-filled healthy game that can be played by everyone. Bowling is now one of the happening sports in the Asian Game world and commonwealth game, over and all it is the most prestigious game as you just want to have experienced with.

Elephant Polo

Elephant Polo is similar to horse polo. The game is played by four players of each team on a marked pitch 140 x 70 meters, using a standard size polo ball and consists of two 10-minute chukkers of playing time, with an interval of 15 minutes. The whistle blown by the referee stops and starts play. The pitch is marked with a centre line, a circle with a radius of 15 metres in the centre of the field, and a semi-circle with a radius of 30 metres measured from the centre of the goal line at either end of the pitch. Elephants and ends are changed at half time. The governing rules for the Elephant Polo Tournament were established by the World Elephant Polo Association founded in 1982. Every year in December the annual tournament of the World Elephant Polo is held at Meghauli near Royal Chitwan National park.


There is International Standard Golf Course in Nepal that are famous worldwide for which Nepal is gaining popularity as a destination for Golfers to spend their holidays along with their family playing and enjoying in the aroma of the nature. There is excellent Golf Course in Nepal that creates a special package for avid golfers and their families.

The offers are designed in such a way that it incorporates all of the facilities available at Golf Course for the entire family to enjoy. Whether you are an Amateur or Professional Golfer do visit the Golf Centers of Nepal to explore it.

Kiddies Corner

The best way to provide the total entertainment to your growing children. A perfect place for your family to spent your memorable moments.

Squash Court

Squash is a game of speed, concentration, cunning, finesse, and endurance and like all worthy sports, it gives animal pleasure. Separate court for the ladies.


Take positive, assertive action to attain and maintain optimum health. With heating system and special day for the lady members. So enjoy your swim securely. Swim in outdoors free from pools and enjoys a refreshing cool. The coolest way to search the aquatic world.

Tennis Courts

Introducing in door tennis court for the first time in Nepal. Humble beginning. Be a professional tennis player, never mind one of the best in the world. Attracting thousands of people in this sport. In door tennis play will have no weather distractions, increase your physical and mental energy so you can concentrate on your game and accomplish more.

Everest Base Camp
15 Days
$ 1399/INR 69999/-PP

ABC Trek
11 Days
$ 1399/INR 69999/-PP

Central Tibet Tour
8 Days
$ 999/INR 49000/-PP

Namsto & EBC
8 Days
$ 1499/INR 99999/-PP

Kailash Yatra
10 Days
$ 2999/INR 165000/-PP

8 Days Ex.Lucknow
8 Days
$ 2499/INR 149000/-PP

Best of Bhutan
8 Days
$ 1799 / INR24555/-PP

Part Druk Path Trek
8 Days
$ 1999/INR 59999/-PP

Golden Triangle
7 Days
$ 499/INR 13999/-PP

Sikkim & Darjeeling
7 Days
$ 1199/INR 29999/-PP

Amazing Thailand
6 Days
$ 399/INR 11999/-PP

Best of Bali
5 Days
$ 299/INR 9999/-PP