Photography & Filming

Photography & Filming

Filming In Nepal


Nepal’s historical monuments, ancient temples and incredibly beautiful landscapes make this country an exciting location for filming. Hollywood productions like “Little Buddha” and “Golden Child” were shot in Nepal. The Oscar nominated “Caravan” was shot entirely in Nepal; mostly in the remote Dolpo region in the Himalayas. Besides these, countless Hindi block- busters and music videos by such bands as Enigma have been shot here.

For filming in Nepal a fee of US $ 1000/- to US $ 1500/- in case of a feature film and US$ 100/- to US$ 500/- in case of other documentary films must be paid to the Government. The filming must be carried out under the supervision of a liaison officer appointed by the government. A sum of Rs.1500/- must also be paid to the Nepal Film Corporation in case of a feature film and Rs. 800/- for other types of filming. The filming company is required to take out an insurance policy in favour of the liaison officer. Filming is also possible within the national parks and conservation areas.

Like the “Honey Hunters of Nepal” expertly filmed by Eric Valli, there is much that remains to be filmed and recorded for posterity. Films on the wild elephants of Bardia in western Nepal are shot every year by a team of foreign filmmakers. Bob Hoskins is one of the key figures in making films on elephants. There are many films on mountaineering of which the Imax production of “Everest” was a huge success globally. There are other films on rafting, kayaking, biking and a host of other adventure sports in Nepal. The possibilities are endless.

Transportation is relatively easy owing to the short distances within the country. Remote areas can be reached by charter flight and where there are no proper airstrips, a helicopter can be chartered for air lifting equipment and crew. If you wish to do any filming in Nepal, we will make the necessary arrangements and get the required permits in your favour.

Light, Camera, and Action: Become a photographer in Nepal. Capture Nepali people, places, culture, traditions, and breath-taking Himalayas and greenery valleys in your camera. Light conditions are extreme, shot early for great photos. Create your documentaries on the culture, religion and traditions of many ethnic groups who live in the remote parts of Nepal in a perfect coherence, embrace the untouched valleys and the views that Nepal has to offer.

Photography And Filming

photographyThere are so many picturesque places in Nepal. You can keep them in your mind permanently and store for your lifetime using camera and other accessories. A collection of photographs is the best way of recording your impressions about Nepal as valuables of your journey. You can exhibit or use for your biography, journal books etc. As you carry your camera or other equipments with best quality, careful use and no consideration. Quality of your photographs depends on choice of films, Lenses, light and picturing techniques. You should have friendship behaviour for photographing people or permission with. Further you can print, slide or any photography.

All Film Production Units desiring to film within the country of Nepal, have to apply for permission at the Ministry of Information & Communications, Kathmandu, giving full details of the sequences to be photographed in Nepal. There are different royalties for feature film, Documentary, Advertisement etc. If the production is collaboration between Nepalese and foreign teams, then a royalty will be less. The Unit shall be given the permit on receipt of a voucher of Nepal Rastra Bank showing that the amount in US Dollar or its equivalent in the Nepalese currency. The validity of the permit may be extended if the Unit applies in advance. The Unit shall operate in Nepal under the supervision and guidance of a Liaison Officer. The Unit shall not release the sequence filmed in Nepal until the Nepalese Diplomatic Office approves it. A free copy of the film and photographs shall provide to the Ministry of Information & Communications.

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