Tibet FAQ’s

Tibet FAQ’s

What documents shall I bring for my trip to Tibet?
You’ll need a valid passport, China Visa (usually ‘L’ visa for tourism) and a Tibet travel permit (which sometimes is also called Tibet Entry Permit, TTB or Tibet visa).

How to get the China Visa? What should I be aware of when applying for the China Visa?

You usually can get the China Visa easily within one or two weeks from the China Embassy or Consulate at your place. It is advised not to mention Tibet in the application if possible to avoid a more complicated procedure, longer processing time and the risk of rejection.

If you are planning to enter Tibet from Kathmandu, it is stipulated you shall get the China Visa from the China Embassy in Kathmandu.

I would like to travel Tibet from Nepal, are there any requirements on China Visa?
According to an official memo between the governments of China and Nepal, it is a must to get the China Visa from the China Embassy in Kathmandu, no matter if you already get a visa in your country or not. For the moment, it usually takes about 7 working days to get the visa there.

What is the procedure for getting the China Visa in Kathmandu?
Firstly, we’ll apply for the official Visa Invitation Letter from the Tibet Tourism Bureau with your passport copies and relevant information. Upon receive the Letter, we’ll fax it over to our partner in Kathmandu that will then meet you in Kathmandu and help you fill in the visa application form (with your signature) to apply for the visa there. In the past, it can be obtained within 1-3 working days but now it requires about 7 working days.

The China Embassy in Kathmandu opens for visa application on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 09:00-11:30am only. You shall try to arrive in Kathmandu about one week in advance for the visa application.

What is the Tibet travel permit and can I get it from you?
The Tibet travel permit is required for all foreign tourists travelling to Tibet. There are two pages for the new edition: one is the approval letter with an unique number and anti-false label at the top right and another page is the group namelist. Sometimes it is also called Tibet Entry Permit, TTB or Tibet Visa. It is usually released to an officially licensed travel agency only. We can help you get it with no problem if you book a tour with us. We are among the first group of companies that get the Tibet travel permits for clients in July when there are very strict rules on it just after Tibet tourism is resumed after a 3-month suspension this year (2008).

You shall take the Tibet Travel Permit for checking-in at the train station or airport. Sometimes it is required to show the permit when purchase the train tickets to Lhasa.

How much does the TTB permit cost? Which is the legal issuing organization?
From July 1st 2007, a new edition of TTB (with an anti-false label at the top right) is issued, with no charge itself. The Tibet Tourism Bureau is the only legal authorization that can issue the permit and its offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu are not allowed to issue it now.

What shall I provide for the Tibet travel permit application?
You’ll need to provide a clear copy of your passport, China Visa and the following information as well:

  1. Full Name
  2. Gender
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Passport Number
  6. Occupation

Can I get the Tibet Travel Permit easily?
You can get the Tibet Travel Permit as long as you are not diplomats, journalists, reporters, government officials and religion officials as who shall travel Tibet under the arrangements of the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Government.

Should I obtain the visa or the Tibet travel permits first?
Usually a visa is easy to obtain when you have a passport, and after confirming your China visa, the Tibet travel permits can be handled easily.

Does each individual in the group need a separate permit or only does the group get one that covers everyone? Can we hold the permits ourselves and use them privately? Are copies of the permit valid?
The Tibet travel permit is usually issued to a group only. If you’ll enter Tibet from another place from the rest group members, a separate permit will be applied for you. As it is stipulated that individuals shall not travel independently in Tibet, please give the permit to the tour guide who will be responsible to help you deal with inspections during travelling. For the moment, the copy of the travel permit is not valid for checking-in-out at the airport.

Besides this Tibet Travel Permit, do I need any other permits for entering into Tibet?
No other travel permit will be required for entering into Tibet. With the Tibet Travel Permit, you can travel around in Lhasa region. But for visiting places outside Lhasa region, you will be required to have the Alien’s Travel Permit (also called PSB Permit) which we can help you get when you arrive in Tibet. If you’ll visit some remote or border places (such as to Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar), a military permit or border permit will be required. We can help you get all those necessary permits with no problem.

How can you send the permit to me or how can I receive the permit?
Upon receive the travel permit, we’ll send a copy to you by scanning or fax, and EMS (Express Mail Service) or Fedex the original to the place you will be staying in China. You just need to provide the hotel name, address, postal code and telephone number.

If I would like to travel to Nepal, is it necessary to get the Nepal visa at my home country in advance?

If you’ll stay in Nepal within three days, the Nepal visa is usually not required. And it can be obtained easily at the airport in Kathmandu. If you’ll have a long trip in Nepal, it is advised to get the Nepal visa from the Nepalese Embassy or Consulate at your place in advance.

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