Mountaineering Gear List

Mountaineering Gear List


o Casual clothing for travel and while in Kathmandu
o Underwear
o 1 pair shorts
o 2 light weight dryable shirts
o 2 sets polypro long johns
o 2 light weight shirts
o 1 light weight trouser
o 1 fleece jacket
o 1 fleece pant
o 1 shell bib pants
o 1 shell jacket
o 1 down jacket
o 2 pair light weight walking socks
o 1 pair ski gloves and warm high altitude mitts.
o 1 sun hat and 1 fleece or wool hat.
o 1 pair trekking boots
o 1 pair plastic mountaineering boots or combination One- Sport.
o Down booties and warm base camp footwear.
o 1 pair gaiters
o 1 pair insulated super gaiters


o 1 carry-on travel bag
o 1 day pack- 70 litre (approx)
o 1 personal base camp sleeping tent
o 2 sleeping pads
o 2 sleeping bags (it is preferable to leave one bag at BC) 1 (-20c) and 1 (-25c)
o 1 ice axe
o 1 pair crampons
o 1 harness
o 2 screw locking carabineers
o 2 plain carabineers
o 1 ascender
o 1 descender
o 1 helmet
o 2 tape slings (1-2m and 1-4m)
o 1 set prussic loops
o 1 water bottle
o 1 thermos
o 1 pee bottle- well marked if using the same brand of water bottle.
o 1 head lamp (spare batteries/bulbs)
o 1 pair glacier sunglasses
o 1 pair ski goggles
o 1 small minor first aid kit
o 1 personal repair kit
o 1 pocket knife
o 1 insulated coffee mug
o 2 sun and lip creams
o Personal toile equipment (paper, shampoo, foot powder etc.)

Trekking and Mountaineering

First Aid and Medicine
o 1 minor first aid kit
o Ear plugs to be used as a sleeping aid
o Cold medicine
o Throat lozenges
o Antibiotic – *please check with your doctor.
o Also ask for our recommended medications list.
Snow Safety Equipment
o Avalanche Beacon
o Shovel
o Probe
o Snow Study Kit
Personal Equipment
o Pack- Light, and comfortable, 30-40 litres
o Sunglasses
o Goggles
o Sun and Lip Cream
o Head Lamp
o Insulated Water Bottle or Thermos
o Lunch
o Blister Kit
o Camera- Optional
o Binoculars- Optional
Group Equipment
o Altimeter
o Map and Compass
o Snow Study Kit- Screen, magnifiers, ruler, thermometer etc.
o Snow and/or Bush Saw
o First Aid Kit
o Emergency Sac- Nylon tarp or envelope sack to cover group or injured member
o Group Repair Kit- May substitute for personal gear kits or supplement them.
o Two-way Radio or Cell phone- Check for coverage and frequencies in your area.
o GPS- Optional
o Small Stove and Pot- May be optional depending on trip.

Everest Base Camp
15 Days
$ 1399/INR 69999/-PP

ABC Trek
11 Days
$ 1399/INR 69999/-PP

Central Tibet Tour
8 Days
$ 999/INR 49000/-PP

Namsto & EBC
8 Days
$ 1499/INR 99999/-PP

Kailash Yatra
10 Days
$ 2999/INR 165000/-PP

8 Days Ex.Lucknow
8 Days
$ 2499/INR 149000/-PP

Best of Bhutan
8 Days
$ 1799 / INR24555/-PP

Part Druk Path Trek
8 Days
$ 1999/INR 59999/-PP

Golden Triangle
7 Days
$ 499/INR 13999/-PP

Sikkim & Darjeeling
7 Days
$ 1199/INR 29999/-PP

Amazing Thailand
6 Days
$ 399/INR 11999/-PP

Best of Bali
5 Days
$ 299/INR 9999/-PP