Entering & Exiting Nepal

Entering & Exiting Nepal

  • Entering & Exiting NepalDetailed information about Kathmandu is on the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.
  • If you haven’t get visa, please fill up the visa application form with 2 copy passport size photographs and copy of valid passport in the arrival counter and get it immediately.
  • You can change your money (USD, EURO, POUND etc. for details see the page # of this book) to Nepali Rupees (NRs) at the airport on arrival, though there is often a long line.
  • Wait and change money at your hotel or a bank. The exchange rate is fixed daily by the commercial banks of Nepal. In the January 2006 it was about NRs 72 is equivalent to 1 US dollar. For the latest exchange rates see on www
  • After you clear immigration and customs, you will exit into a rumpus of overzealous taxi drivers and hotel touts.
  • If you have arranged your tour/trek through an agent in your own country, there will be a representative to help you through the crowd and take you to your hotel. If you are on your own, you can arrange transportation at the limousine counter that is just outside the customs area.
  • Otherwise look for a meter taxi; if the driver agrees to use the meter, the task is straightforward: pay the amount shown on the meter (although there is sometimes a surcharge if the rates have recently changed). For a ride to most hotels in Kathmandu, you should pay somewhere between 400 up to 600 rupees.
  • As soon as possible after you arrive in Kathmandu, you should check about your holiday trip; of your booking agent in Nepal to receive detailed information to assure all formalities, such as permits and visa extensions, flights etc. are completed or not. You must leave passport to your agent while they process your permit, flights and necessary arrangements.
  • If you need any changes or want to book new packages, have to confirm before first package departure. Sign an agreement paper, ask service voucher and pay the balance amount to the agent regarding your services. Ask for tour leader/guide to introduce before heading to the trip. Inform the guide or office about vegetarian or non-vegetarian food in advance.
  • Normally trip cost covers arrival and departure transfer, welcome drinks, accommodation with breakfast, Trip Leader/guide, Flight reconfirmation, Souvenirs, farewell dinner, all government taxes and service charge. Please note that Visa fees, tipping, airport taxes, travel insurance, laundry, shopping, entrance fees, alcohol and other items of a personal nature are not included in the tour cost.
  • Your onward flights must be reconfirmed minimum 3 days before departure or the airline will cancel your reservations. If you wish to avail yourself of this service is ok otherwise you must leave your international air tickets in the custody of your agent who will confirm it. Though it’s best to you allow your outfitter to reconfirm your flights while you are in trip or outside. It will simplify administrative procedures if you deliver both your passport and plane tickets to the agent at the same time.
  • Arrange your personal equipment as recommended by the agent and store the rest of things in the hotel or in the agent’s office and ahead towards your destination. You are responsible for personal travel documents in order and require passports to be valid for at least six months to extend visa.

Entering & Exiting Nepal

  • Some trips are dependent upon flights to the STOL (short take off and landing) and high elevation airstrip like; Lukla, Jomsom, Jumla, Simikot etc. Flights may delay or cancel because of weather or other operational complications. Although everything possible is done to avoid delays or get you on the next flight if yours is cancelled. Therefore, you must be prepared (bring a good book to read) for long waits at the airport. If the flight delayed so long and upsets you; can consider similar area as an alternative. You should allow at least 2 days in Kathmandu at the end of your trip to provide a cushion for flight delays.
  • The weight limit on domestic fights is 15 kg (33 pounds) including hand luggage. Because the aircraft are small, it is often impossible to carry extra baggage even if you are willing to pay for excess baggage. Please do not burden yourself with too much luggage.
  • Try to be friendly with the trip leader and supporting crews while on the trip. Ask again if you can’t understand well in single answer. If you have any inconveniences request those to solve it either solve it with mutual understandings at the spot, if not contact to office.
  • Unexpected situations and external factors beyond our control; delay arrival, sickness, accident, natural disaster, weather problem, rescue evacuation, heavy rainfall, political actions, snowfall, landslides, flood, blockade, immediate change of rules and regulations and other unrest may overcome. Try to understand the problem created by it and help to solve the factors arising after it.
  • If there are any complaints, faults and misbehavior in route immediately consult the boss after the trip. So it will easy to take necessary actions to solve before your final departure. It is not good to complain/blame after returning the home.
  • If you are interested to help disabled or orphans visit the different types of disabled centers, reforming homes or schools operated by government or private sectors. You can explore it and help properly if the programs are really effective and suitable. Your small effort may bring bright future of innocent children. Or you can do some volunteering services as your wish.
  • Nepal is a mysterious country. Nepalese handicrafts are well known for quality entire the world. Do not forget to buy unique home products which you can keep as tour memorial, share with your family and friends as souvenir and can donate to museums also. Also taste the Nepali food in ancient typical restaurants. Try to speak some catchy words of Nepali language by making friends; will you enjoy a lot.
  • Make a presentation and share your country, people, places, culture, ideas and exchange values. Travel to the different parts of the country, meet new people, learn about new culture, and traditions, and finally write your own book about Nepal or cant, at least make a summary of your journey and publish in a newspaper.
  • In conclusion, holiday trip is an opportune time not only to learn about another country and other peoples, but also a time to perceive and stand back from our own lives and look at ourselves, our perspectives, our home country and people. In our catharsis, we are reassured that the world and life do indeed make sense and that we are able to cope with the problems of mankind. The lure of this ancient and remote country, of the views of the highest mountains in the world, of the friendly and indomitable people, and the spirit of adventure of tour / trek in the Himalaya attracts people from all over the globe. It is an experience many, in fact, end up repeating. We have come to touch the earth at the heights of its beauty and to mingle with and become people whose lives are shaped thereby.

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